Tissot T-My Lady Automatic 18K Gold


Tissot T-My Lady Automatic 18K Gold

  • Elegant 18k gold bezel
  • New automatic movement with up to 48 hours of power reserve
  • With a Nivachron non-magnetic balance spring
  • Swiss Made
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The Tissot T-My Lady is the example of a woman of today who can choose a watch to her image - a woman assuming her independence. It can be considered as the feminine counterpart of the Tissot Gentleman, conveying all the attributes of quality watchmaking that Tissot give to its timepieces. Its elegant design is empowered with an 18k gold bezel, which gives character and warmth to the watch. The subtle and thin curves of this timepiece will perfectly match with any wrist and will make it the ideal everyday companion. T-My Lady marks the introduction of the new automatic movement offering up to 48 hours of power reserve when most of the automatic movements have a power reserve of around 40 hours. Lastly, this automatic self-winding movement is regulated by a Nivachron non-magnetic balance spring.

Technical specs

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  • Water resistance

    Water-resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)

  • Warranty

    2 Years of Warranty

The Tissot user's manual give information about the use, the settings and the maintenance of the different Tissot watches.



Gold is one of the world's most precious and prized metals. It is renowned for its radiance and numerous technical properties: non-oxidising, insoluble, unalterable. Tissot uses 18K gold, a prestigious alloy comprising 75% pure gold combined with a mix of silver and copper useful in gold production. Thanks to Tissot's expertise and craftsmanship, gold timepieces have unmatched longevity, generation after generation.


Because the magnetic fields generated by our electronic objects (mobile phone, computer, radio, magnetic closure, etc.) are ever more present in our daily lives, Tissot has developed a new, titanium-based alloy at the cutting edge to preserve the precision of its watches. A Nivachron™ balance spring is regarded as far more resistant to and unaffected by magnetic fields than standard springs.


Tissot pledges to guarantee the origin and quality ‒ including colour, clarity and carats ‒ of the diamonds in its watches. All Tissot diamonds meet the certification requirements of the Kimberley process, an international system for certifying rough diamonds.


A sapphire crystal gives a watch the following properties: extremely high resistance to impact and superior screen and hand readability thanks to its transparency. Because it is the strongest material after diamonds, it is used in fine timepieces for its anti-scratch prowess. Sapphire crystals can take many forms and give the watch a variety of looks: flat, domed, concave or ground.
Water resistance

Water resistance

All Tissot watch cases undergo several tests, including a water resistance check. Tissot tests the watch's ability to resist impacts and pressure, as well as the penetration of liquids, gas and dust by replicating the real-life conditions in which the watch may find itself.